Mentor/Mentee Toolkit




  • Prospective Mentors and Mentees to submit a Connections application to the Connections Sponsors for approval during open enrollment period

  • Connections Sponsors will review applications and match participants based on stated needs, challenges, strengths, and areas for improvement

  • Connections Sponsors will host an initial Connections Mentoring Kick-off event for all Mentors and Mentees where Connections participants will learn their pairings, review guidelines, set expectations, and learn more about mentoring

  • Both Mentors and Mentees are responsible for initiating meetings to ensure connections are made throughout the year

  • Connections Sponsors will ensure at least one event per month which includes regular KY IPMA-HR meetings (March, June, September, and December), Connections social/teambuilding after-hours events (January Kick-off, April, July, and October), and Connections Lunch and Learn gatherings (February, May, and August, and November)

  • Participants are expected to spend at least one hour each month connecting in person or phone

  • After the first three months, a questionnaire will be sent to both parties to gauge if their mentoring match is a good fit with adjustments made if necessary

  • After one year, an evaluation form will be sent to both participants to provide feedback to the Chapter on the success of the program


Program Expectations


  • Applying for the Connections Mentoring Program does not necessarily guarantee participation in the Connections Mentoring Program if the Connections Sponsors cannot make a suitable Mentor match

  • The Connections Sponsors may initiative a cap on the number of participants in any given program year if the number exceeds a maximum number that the Chapter feels can be administered successfully




  • Participants are expected to complete at least one monthly contact hour and attend scheduled meetings during the participation year which will begin annually in January and conclude in December of the same year

  • It should be understood that this is a voluntary mentoring program and that the relationship is learning based

  • The Connections Mentoring Program is not an employment placement and/or promotion program and there should be no expectation expected or implied otherwise

  • The IPMA-HR KY Chapter is the sponsor of this program and shall schedule program inclusive meetings for the whole group

  • Participants shall be responsible for scheduling their own personal mentoring meetings, including times and locations that may include travel on their own time and at their expense

  • It is each participant’s responsibility to ensure the permission and support of your employer and direct supervisor to participate in the Connections Mentoring Program

  • Tracking of time to participate in this program is at the discretion of your supervisor and HR in your agency

  • For employees of KY State Government, the Personnel Cabinet will document contact hours in KELMS annually for completion of the Connections Mentoring Program

  • The Coordinator will work with the Personnel Cabinet directly to update KELMS if completed documentation is received and approved 


Mentee/Mentor Expectations


  • Be prepared for each meeting by having well thought out, sincere questions, and discussion points

  • Address any potential health/ADA, security, confidentiality, personal and/or religious boundaries as needed or as appropriate

  • Initiate and maintain contact at least monthly for a minimum of 1 hour

  • Show initiative and work together to set schedule and topics for meetings

  • Mentor should be in a leadership position on a career path that is similar to, or desired by, the mentee

  • Mentor shall not be the mentee’s first or second-line supervisor

  • Participants shall be a person whose schedule and responsibilities will allow them to meet the guidelines of the program

  • Able to meet face-to-face regularly as the preferred means to communicate; however, phone/video conferencing is acceptable at times when face-to-face meetings are not possible

  • Mentors/Mentees should be located convenient to each other’s office and/or home to allow convenient opportunities to meet regularly

  • Attend Connections program meeting, networking events, and/or team building events


Mentee tips


  • Share expectations regarding the relationship with mentor

  • Take advantage of every meeting by giving the mentor undivided attention



  • Have realistic expectations of your mentor’s time and your ability to achieve your goals

  • Be open to the mentoring experience

  • Be an active participant and take responsibility for the relationship

  • Attend all meetings and appointments as scheduled

  • Listen, observe, and ask questions when necessary - questioning is a key component in learning

  • Be willing to learn and accept constructive suggestions for improvement/change.

  • Take ownership and responsibility of your own learning process

  • Ensure that mentoring reports and evaluations are completed honestly and thoroughly



Mentor tips


  • Provide opportunities for your mentee to explore job duties and career options

  • Take advantage of every meeting by giving the mentee undivided attention

  • Discuss the boundaries and ground rules of the relationship with mentee

  • Give examples when answering questions so mentee can gain a more realistic understanding of the topics being discussed

  • Share past and present success as well as struggles

  • Create a safe environment for honest conversation

  • Focus on professional development and leadership

  • Give feedback and suggestions to mentee’s behavior and performance

  • Provide direction, encouragement, and opportunities for networking

  • Lead by example – be a role model

  • Display a positive attitude and outlook while encouraging mentee to do the same

  • Provide opportunities for mentee to witness and/or experience your work flow, tasks, and responsibilities  


the bottom line


A mentor can influence an individual’s career as well as personal life. In order for the relationship to be successful, both the mentor and mentee must maintain reasonable expectations and an open mind. Always remember, the impact of a mentor’s guidance and wisdom may not be immediately visible. Whether you benefit from the relationship tomorrow, or in ten years – you will be forever grateful for the experience.


2018 Connections Development Plan

                                             Download 2018 Connections Development Plan

                                            Download 2018 Connections Development Plan