Connections facilitates professional development in Human Resources, leadership, and related areas by providing members Connections and support, as well as networking opportunities with a shared goal to Connect, Develop and Succeed.



  • Connections provides for networking between professionals and their principles and theories in HR and leadership with real-life experiences; 
  • Offers a networking opportunity for participants to interact and build relationships with others who can give guidance and assistance as they grow in their careers;  
  • Challenges participant viewpoints and embraces diversity; 
  • Provides a support system for networking and professional development opportunities; 
  • Allows the Chapter to stay engaged with its members with a commitment to support career objectives;
  • Imparts member knowledge, experience, and expertise to mentees and allows leadership opportunities for mentors; 
  • Increases membership attraction and retention through a rewarding program.



The KY Chapter sponsors an annual mentoring program for its membership. The program provides members interested and accepted into the program with a rewarding opportunity for career development for mentees and a chance for senior professional to give back to our growing HR professional.


Connections is an annual commitment and membership is closed for the 2017 program year. Registitration will open for the 2018 program year in November.  Please check back.