The Walter R. Gattis, Jr. Award is presented annually at the Kentucky Chapter IPMA-HR Annual Conference to recognize a Chapter member who has made significant contributions in the field of human resources management and in the promotion of the Chapter. The award is given in honor and in memory of Walter R. Gattis, Jr. who was instrumental in the establishment and development of Kentucky’s merit system. He served as Commissioner of the Department of Personnel from 1961 to 1967, Personnel Director at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center from 1974 to 1976, Personnel Officer for the newly revised State Court System from 1976 to 1980, and held a number of other positions in state and federal government. Mr. Gattis passed away on January 25, 1989, at the age of 70.  


The selected nominee is awarded with a plaque. Additionally, honorees selected after 2005 also receive an honorary lifetime membership into the Kentucky Chapter.

Award History

In April of 1988 A plaque was presented to Walter R. Gattis, Jr. recognizing his lifetime membership to the Kentucky Chapter of IPMA-HR.                       

1988          Establishment of Walter R. Gattis, Jr. Award

1995                            Mary Roberts

1996                            Gayle Faust

1997                            Jim Lambert

1998                            Jim Stanley

1999                            Dale Shelton

2000                            Julie True

2001                            Lee Sheetinger

2002                            No nominations were received

2003                            Barbara Whitley

2004                            Dan Egbers

2005                            Johnny Keene

2007                            Regina Gravitt

2008                            Carol Kelien

2009                            Shona Alderson

2010                            Kim Quinn

2011                            Stan Salchli

2012                            Dawn Williams

2013                            Singer Buchanan

2014                            Galen Linville

2015                            Larry Gillis

2016                            Lynn Keeling Gillis

2017                            Amanda Coulter

2018 Cassidy Connell


Kentucky Chapter

Distinguished Service Award


The Kentucky Chapter Distinguished Service Award. The Board of Directors may present this Award annually at the Spring Meeting. The Award criteria shall be for a person who has made outstanding contributions to the KYIPMA-HR Chapter. Possible reasons for nominations include the following: promotes and supports Association functions, exhibits exceptional level of service to the Chapter, excels beyond expectations of an Association member, and outstanding IPMA-HR role model. Recipient does not have to be a current member but, they must have made a positive impact that directly or indirectly improves the wellbeing of our membership.


Award History



2016          Establishment of Distinguished Service Award

2016          Mary Elizabeth Bailey

2017          Beth Feddersen

2018           Desta A. Cogan

2019 Rebecca Ogden